This Week


Wednesday 19 January 10-00am Eucharist in the Lady Chapel
Wednesday 19 January 8-00pm “Breathing Space”
Thursday 20 January 7-30pm Choir Practice
Sunday 23 January 8-00am Holy Communion BCP
Sunday 23 January 10-30am Parish Eucharist CW
Nine Lessons & Carols 2021

All Saints and Licensing of Rev. Carole with Bishop Mark

St.James Eucharist

Trinity 7 Eucharist

Trinity 6 Admission to Communion

Trinity 4 Eucharist


Confirmation Sessions 2021

Tuesday 15 June Adult Confirmation sessions start – 7-30pm in Church

Topic: Why Believe? Who is God?

Trinity 2 Music Sunday

Trinity 1 Environment Sunday



Easter 7

Easter 6 Rogation Sunday

Christian Aid Week 

A Prayer for use in Christian Aid week

Gracious God and Father of all nations,

Give us the courage and the vision to proclaim your kingdom in word and deed.

Grant that through the work of Christian Aid around the world,

Justice, peace and reconciliation may abound,

Empty bellies and hearts be filled, impoverished communities enriched,

And the hopeless and exhausted find encouragement and rest,

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen

Easter 4
Easter 3
Easter Day
Good Friday Liturgy

Palm Sunday

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