This Week

Patronal Festival 2020

Pewsheet for Patronal NL130920


Eucharist for Trinity 13

Pewsheet for Trinity 13 NL060920

Eucharist for Trinity 10

Pewsheet for Trinity 10 NL160820

Eucharist for the Transfiguration of our Lord

Pewsheet for the Transfiguration Pew Sheet 9th August 2020 transfiguration 080820

Trinity 8 Eucharist

Pewsheet Trinity 8 NL020820

Midweek Organ Recital No.13 July 2020

Trinity 7 Eucharist

Pewsheet for Trinity 7 NL260720

Midweek Organ Recital No.12 July 2020

Trinity 6 Eucharist (recorded in St.Mary’s Church)

Pew Sheet for Trinity 6- 19 July 2020 NL190720

Midweek Organ Recital No.11 July 2020

Trinity 5 Sunday Service

Welcome to a slightly different Sunday morning service celebrating and praying around our parish.

Midweek Organ Recital 10 July 2020

Trinity 4 All Age Worship

Pew Sheet for Trinity 4 NL050720

Midweek Organ Recital 9 June 2020

Trinity 3 Eucharist

Pew Sheet for Trinity 3 NL280620

Midweek Organ Recital 8 June 2020

Trinity 2 Prayer & Reflection

Pew Sheet for Trinity 2 NL210620

Midweek Organ Recital 7 June 2020

RSCM Music Sunday (Trinity 1) service of thanksgiving

Pew Sheet for Music Sunday and the Liturgy for the service


music sunday

Midweek Organ Recital 6 June 2020

Trinity Sunday All Age Worship 2020

Pew Sheet for Trinity Sunday NL070620

Midweek Organ Recital June 2020

Festal Eucharist for Pentecost 2020

Pew Sheet for Pentecost NL310520

Midweek Organ Recital No.4 May 2020

Choir  Organ recitals by Gary Hulme are available on the Choir page in Church Groups

Picture Quiz around St.Mary’s –

What is the cloth covering called? What does it cover? How many different colours are there? Answer: Altar Frontal and covers the Altar. There are different colours for different seasons of the church year. Gold, White, Red, Purple, and Green.


When would you hear these? Answer: During the Eucharist service at the elevation of the elements (bread and wine).

Where would you find this? You need to look upwards? Answer: The Chandelier in the middle of the Nave with the ‘Eagle and Child’.


What is it called and where would you find it during services? Answer: This is a Ciborium and contains the Priests Host and the wafers before consecration and consumption at the Eucharist. It sits on the High Altar on a linen cloth called a Corporal.

Where would you find this and what is it for? Answer: Locate  on   the  north  side   of the sanctuary  wall,  it  is  the  Vergers  Staff,  called  a  Virge.  The  verger  helps  and  assists  clergy  during  services.

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