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Midweek Organ Recital No.4 May 2020

Easter 7 the Sunday after Ascension service of the Word

Pew Sheet for Easter 7 Sunday after Ascension NL240520

Choir  Organ recitals by Gary Hulme are available on the Choir page in Church Groups

Picture Quiz around St.Mary’s – What is the cloth covering called? What does it cover? How many different colours are there?


When would you hear these? Answer: During the Eucharist service at the elevation of the elements (bread and wine).

Where would you find this? You need to look upwards? Answer: The Chandelier in the middle of the Nave with the ‘Eagle and Child’.


What is it called and where would you find it during services? Answer: This is a Ciborium and contains the Priests Host and the wafers before consecration and consumption at the Eucharist. It sits on the High Altar on a linen cloth called a Corporal.

Where would you find this and what is it for? Answer: Locate  on   the  north  side   of the sanctuary  wall,  it  is  the  Vergers  Staff,  called  a  Virge.  The  verger  helps  and  assists  clergy  during  services.

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