Covid – 19 Special Arrangements

Covid – 19

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Coronavirus Notice – Church Services

Dear friends,

We are delighted to announce that we will be re-opening at St.Mary’s for public acts of worship commencing on:

Sunday 19 July @10-30am for a Eucharist service and we look forward to welcoming you back once more to praise God in church as lockdown restrictions begin to ease a little.
Services will look and feel differently as we must comply with all relevant guidelines to ensure we are ‘CoVid-19 Secure’ so that everyone can feel safe when we return. We ask you to read the attached letter carefully which aims to give you some idea of the measures we have taken to mitigate the risk of transmission of the virusand which outlines how the service will be conducted. We would like to assure you that a full risk assessment has been completed. A copy is available on our website.
You are most welcome to join us but, please note that, to satisfy the social distancing measures, there is a limit to the number of people we can accommodate in church at this time. It would be enormously helpful if you could indicate to Susie (church warden) if you intend to come to church on the 19 July by posting an email to her at “
Blessings to you all and look forward to seeing you
The clergy and the church wardens

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Risk Assessment public worship risk ass v4

Please would you note the following regarding school admissions

due to Covid 19 the school’s adjudicator has authorised an amendment to St.Mary’s admissions policy for September 2021, to reflect church closure. Please find a copy on the attached link. St Mary’s Admissions Policy – September 2021[4759]

We are delighted to announce that St Mary’s church will be re-opening for public worship from Sunday, 19th July, 2020. There will be one service (Eucharist) each week at 10:30am. (For school admission purposes, please ensure this is communicated immediately after the service to the person who is taking the ’Track and Trace’ records). Please note that, for social distancing reasons, numbers are limited to 38 people. If you are interested in attending a service, please would you email Susie on the email address shown in the attached letter.

To keep you up-to-date on latest developments, we will be posting information and prayer and worship resources for you to use on our website – , and, from time to time, on our Twitter account – @stmaryprestwich .

If you wish to contact us, our details are available on the website.

God bless you all. In love and prayer

The Clergy and the Church Wardens

If you are able please view the video link to YouTube which may help you with your prayers and devotions and will be available on Sunday.

Please pray for all people at this time and we hope the pdf. Booklet will be helpful.

Covid 19 prayer booklet 1

Passion Sunday Reflection, Prayer & Music

Signs of Life – Lenten Group 2020 

signs of life  Light

signs of life water

signs of life Food

Signs of Life – Shelter

signs of life Community

What and where are these? Answer:  These are the doors you pass through  when coming into church  to  worship, to sing  praise  and  meet each   other.  They  are  located  at the North  Porch.

Picture Quiz around St.Mary’s – You may have seen this in St.Mary’s – what is it called – Cricket Stand?  Pricket Stand? or Ticket Stand?  Answer : Pricket Stand. Usually made of iron and on which votive candles are burnt, accompanied by a prayer. The candle reminds us of Jesus, the light of life and helps to illuminate the world around us.

Where is this door? What lies behind it?

Answer: This is the glazed door and original entrance to the Lever Chapel. Today it leads to the cleaners’ cupboard. – Thank you to those who help to clean this ancient holy place. Hope to see you all back soon.


Where? What? Why? 

Answer: the beautifully carved oak Chancel (or Rood) Screen located between the Nave and the Choir (or Quire) marks the entrance from the body of the church to the Chancel leading to the Sanctuary and the High Altar. 

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Stations of the Cross

Holy Monday Stations 1 and 2

Holy Tuesday Stations 3 and 4

Holy Wednesday Stations 5 and 6

Maundy Thursday Stations 7 and 8

Good Friday Stations 10 to 13

Holy Saturday Station 14

Palm Sunday

Maundy Thursday Message

Easter Day Eucharist

Pew sheet, readings and monthly news for Easter 2020